Our Partners and Clients

During the years Geo Teva has developed numerous collaborations with complementary companies. These partnerships enable us to support our customers with a complete package of planning, architecture, environment and landscaping


  • Fisher Elhanany Architects
  • Sharon Heffer-Chaikin, Landscape Architect
  • Ruth Maoz, Landscape Architect
  • Yossi Nuri, Acoustic Consultancy

We also work with variety of experts in the fields of:

  • Birds – Dr. Eyal Shochat
  • Bats – Professor Carmi Korin
  • Hydrology – Professor Yoni Laron
  • Regulation, Waste and Chemical Management – Yair Lavi


As an environmental planning and consulting firm, Geoteva has the pleasure of being hired to work for a wide variety of clientele.