About GeoTeva Environmental Consulting Ltd.

GeoTeva is a leading company for Environmental Consulting and Planning, founded in 1999 by David Meninger.

Our company specializes in various aspects of sustainability planning including the environment, society, economics, and engineering.
Geoteva engages in providing creative solutions for preservation and development in order to work towards innovation solutions to address today’s environmental challenges. Our professional staff host a variety of deep knowledge sets within the fields of Ecology, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Planning, Green Building, and Environmental Engineering.
With a broad scope of expertise, our consultants additionally aide in projects which encourage the development of tourism, reclaiming and restoring disturbed natural areas, and environmental compensation.
In the consultation process, Geoteva’s consultants accompany the clients from examining the initial feasibility of projects through to the monitoring stages after the project is established.

Capabilities in the different stages of work

Planning and guidance in regulatory stages:

  • Feasibility analysis for “Eco-finance”
  • Feasibility analysis of project plan
  • Ecological surveys and feasibility surveys

Environmental surveys and guidance in the regulation stage

  • Landscape-Environmental Report
  • Environmental Impact Report
  • Master plans for open spaces with emphases on ecology and tourism
  • Air pollution surveys
  • Drainage and Hydrological reports
  • Tree surveys
  • Waste disposal
  • Acoustics report
  • Geophyte surveys
  • Surveys of threatened and endangered species
  • Ecological surveys including avian and bat species
  • Soil erosion studies
  • Surveys of odor dispersal
  • Landscape Architecture

Detailed planning for project undertaking

  • Green Building plans for neighborhoods
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Shading analyses
  • Simulations of energy efficiency in the structure using ENERGYui
  • Supervising and guidance during work in the field
  • Accompanying project managers in gaining Green Building Certification according to the Israel Standard for Green Building (5281)
  • Report of ecological recommendations for urban nature sites
  • Hydrological support for building permits
  • Hydrological review for contractor work plans

Environmental monitoring and compensation after construction

  • Restoration of quarries
  • Restoration of Earthworks
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of natural areas and damaged landscapes
  • Conservation and restoration of drainage areas and river basins
  • Eco-Tourism and Landscape Consulting
  • Consultation in the field of sustainable infrastructure and report preparation under the regulations for the National Outline Plane 41 for the Ministry of Energy and Water

Environmental Planning and Green Building

Geo Teva takes part in a variety of settings  (urban, rural, and industrial) throughout the country, including surveys and impact assessments. Our consultants operate in all stages of planning, including detailed planning for project implementation.

Ecology and Management of Natural Resources

The Geo Teva team has the capabilities and experience with planning the open landscape and related project in Israel and uses the best tools in the field to design the most out-of-the-box sustainable solutions to the many challenges facing planners.


The first-hand experience and vast knowledge accumulated by the Hydrology team of Geo Teva regarding planning for open spaces in Israel enables us to come up with the best available solutions to the challenges facing any new project. Our work includes field surveys, GIS modeling, and recommendations for project implementation.

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Geo Teva has vast experience in the area of Alternative and Green Energy, and has taken part in leading projects throughout Israel in all types of clean energy: Thermosolar, Photo voltaic, and wind energy. All of our consultations include complete guidance through all stages of planning and regulatory committees.