Power Plants

The Department for Power Plants‘ expertise lies in consulting on projects which deal with energy production, including  gas-energy plants. 

Illustration of a Power Plant

From the planning stage to project implementation

This department has extensive experience and expertise in conducting professional Environmental Impact Analyses in a broad variety of fields.

Projects guidance occurs throughout all the various stages of a project:

  • Feasibility studies – Identifying potential project sites.
  • Document preparation and initial consulting for the local committee meeting.
  • Preparation of Impact Assessment report including:
    • Field studies
    • Analysis of existing conditions via research including field surveys and literature reviews (Part 1)
    • Detailed analysis of project alternatives including aesthetic, energy, environmental, and other aspects (Part 2)
    • Technical and engineering details of the project (Part 3)
    • And in the final stages of the analysis, a combination of Parts 1 & 3 in order to detail the expected direct and indirect project impacts including recommendations and instructions for minimizing impacts (Part 4)
  • Presentation of findings in front of committees and the stage for receiving project objections
  • After project implementation and before permitting stages: preparation of targeted monitoring plans
  • For sensitive areas that were uncovered during the analyses: application of environmental recommendations from the instructions described in Part 4

Power Plants